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Being the expert is demanding.

You’re the one people come to for answers. That’s because you’ve spent years dedicated to becoming a medical expert.

But when it comes to managing your personal wealth, or the financial health of your practice, you don’t have to be the expert. You need a financial specialist on your side who can guide you toward success.

You are not like “everybody else.”

The demands of your career and life as a doctor are unique. Juggling your work, your life, and your financial responsibilities is much more complicated than the average person on the street.

That’s why we love working with physicians like you. Our proven process puts you on a path toward financial peace of mind.

Since 1996, MEDIQUS has had the pleasure of working with doctors and medical societies in over 40 states to guide them on their path toward financial success.

And we would love to do the same with you.

Working with a MEDIQUS advisor is straightforward.

Everything we do is built on relationships. There is no mystery. No agenda.
Just us helping you get clarity and a plan to achieve peace of mind.

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Your future and your goals are unique to you. Your financial plan should be as well.

Achieve Peace of Mind

Knowing that you’re on the right path with a financial guide every step of the way.

Wealth Management

Too many physicians are overworked and spending less time with the people they love, doing the things they love to do. This leads to more stress, aggravation, and for some, extreme burnout. As a result, they are not devoting the time necessary to achieve financial independence and dignity.

Let our proven process put you on the path to financial success so you can focus on what is truly important to you.

The 6 Reasons Physicians Fail Financially

Institutional Investment Advisory Services

Being a treasurer for a medical society already comes with daily pressures and responsibilities. Many are finding they do not have time to devote to research and manage their organization’s reserve fund effectively.

Let our experience advising medical society boards and treasurers help you confidently strengthen your reserve fund and the financial health of your organization.

The 5 Things Every Reserve Fund Needs

Retirement Plans for Your Practice

Running a medical practice is tough work. Doing the research to pick the best retirement plan for your practice and then continuing to manage it, requires time that you simply do not have.

Let our expertise in advising and managing retirement plans for medical practices guide you so that you can focus on your patients and your business.

A Financial Guide to Approaching Retirement