MEDIQUS has created a special division to handle the unique challenges that young physicians face. To serve these young individuals the MEDIQUS Young Physician and Resident department provides the following specialized services:

Services for Young Physicians

  • Evaluation criteria for disability insurance, including “Own
    Occupation” policies
  • Decision tree for life insurance protection
  • Investment basics with an introduction to Modern
    Portfolio Theory
  • Asset protection strategies

Educational Seminars Offered Nationwide

  • In order to better serve the young physician population, MEDIQUS has designed unbiased Educational Socio-economic programs that outline achievable solutions to complex financial issues.

Learn more about our educational programs for young physicians:

MEDIQUS will tailor seminars to meet the specific needs of your group, membership, or society. Our seminars are conducted throughout the year in various locations across the country. If you haven’t attended a MEDIQUS seminar, you’re missing a great opportunity to get important information about financial issues impacting young medical professionals. We welcome the opportunity to create a joint-venture seminar program for your group.

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