American physicians are facing unexpected financial challenges. It is more important then than ever to plan for financial success. Our professional assessment shows that the majority of physicians have little knowledge of the strategies necessary to reach their financial goals. MEDIQUS has found that medical professionals are in particular need of financial guidance as it relates to the timing, scope, and the preparation of securing needed to addressing their financial future.
Assuring financial independence requires discipline and preparation. A successful process enables you to balance your professional and personal life by gaining more control and security.
Let us help you meet your financial independence goals, so you can know the answers to key questions:
  • What income can I expect to maintain during retirement?
  • What amount of capital do I need to pay for future college education costs for my children?
  • What financial condition will my family be left in if I am disabled or die?
  • What is at risk if I am sued?
  • What investment risks am I taking?
  • What return should I expect from my investment portfolio?
A Road to Financial Independence

Strategic Financial Analysis

  • Retirement/Financial Independence
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Estate Planning

Investment Advisory Services

  • Current Portfolio Analysis
  • Identification of Investment Goals
  • Implementation
  • Consistent Monitoring
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