MEDIQUS believes an effective qualified retirement plan strategy must address the following areas to ensure the plan accomplishes its goals


With years of experience, we are familiar with various retirement plan designs and know how to identify potential improvements in your plan’s operation

fee_iconTransparency in Fees:
We are not seeking commissions or pursuing sales quotas. Our fee based service ensures that there are no conflicts of interest and that recommendations are made in the best interest of the plan.
When you partner with MEDIQUS we keep you up to date with easily understandable and accurate performance reports that can be used to evaluate the expenses and performance of investment accounts. We can be reached at any time and pride ourselves in being accessable to our clients.
target_iconGoal Driven:
We are goal driven, not market driven. Meaning we don’t follow fads or try to time the market. We strongly believe in the effectiveness of Modern Portfolio Theory. Following a strategy that capitalizes on the efficiency of markets is critical to achieving maximum benefits for all plan participants.
We assist in the development of a plan and work to help you and other professionals implement best practices.
Qualified Retirement Plan Fiduciary Responsibilities
    • Investment Policy Statements
The development of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is an important step in appropriate plan management. The IPS serves as a road map for making and monitoring investment decisions for the plan. We assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of this important document.
    • Monthly Investment statements 
Each month, trustees receive a statement indicating the current value and composition of the plan accounts. This information is important for use in making long-term decisions for plan assets.
    • Performance Reporting
Each calendar quarter, MEDIQUS produces performance reports that indicate the investment performance results for the most current quarter, calendar year to date and from account inception to date. This information provides the perspective of current events and long-term performance histories. By doing so, the trustee can make decisions from a well-informed basis for the benefit of plan participants.
    • Diversification Strategies 
Key to the services provided by MEDIQUS is the identification and selection of the appropriate investment diversification strategy for plan assets. This strategic decision will serve as the foundation of the management of plan assets.
    • Plan Participant Educational Seminars  
The best-designed plan, invested in top-performing investment selections can be unappreciated by employees if they are not fully informed and engaged. MEDIQUS provides the opportunity to assist or to be responsible for the educational seminars for plan participants. Whether these sessions are designed to simply educate staff on the existence of the plan, or to provide educational materials that satisfy participant education requirements for self-directed accounts, we can make the sessions informative and enjoyable.
    • Fringe Benefit Planning 
The benefits you provide to yourself and your employees are an important supplement to a total compensation package. Properly drafted, an attractive fringe benefit package can help to retain valuable employees.
In order to do as much as possible to retain your key employees, provide  important fringe benefits that will assist them in reaching their retirement objectives. MEDIQUS helps you create a “golden handcuff” that incentivizes your best employees to stay with the practice long-term.
Implementation Planning
Investment Advisory Service 

Our flagship service uses time-tested asset allocation strategies and some of the finest no-load mutual funds available. This service provides an investment environment free of potential conflicts of interest.

No-Load Mutual Funds 

Many clients prefer to receive suggestions for the types of funds to include in their personal portfolios. We screen thousands of mutual funds on a regular basis to identify those we believe are best suited to each individual’s needs.

Alternative Products & Plans 

Creative high-end solutions for unique circumstances.

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