The Prescription for Financial Health: An Authoritative Guide for Physicians.
Written by Joel Blau and Ron Paprocki, this guide helps physicians gain a better understanding of the essential elements of personal financial planning. With its unique emphasis on structuring strategic long and short-term goals and objectives, including investment options and portfolio structure, you’re going to find the concise, practical guidance you need to reach your ultimate goal – true and lasting
financial independence.

You will learn how to:

  • Achieve your financial objectives even in the face of declining net practice income
  • Protect your current assets from potential lawsuits or other losses
  • Maximize the value you receive from your current team of personal investment, insurance, and legal advisors
  • Save and invest strategically to accomplish long-term goals based on the same methods the largest pension plans and bank trust companies
  • Make the right choices about life, disability and long-term care insurance coverage, determining optimal mix and the amount of coverage that’s right for you
  • Prepare an efficient estate plan in conjunction with smart asset titling strategies to help you minimize estate settlement costs and your ultimate tax liability
  • And much, much more!

Add The Prescription for Financial Health to your “must-read-now” bookshelf and take the first steps toward achieving all your dreams for a more secure, financially sound future!

No tricks, no gimmicks, just common sense financial planning strategies and expert knowledge that will keep you on track.

The Prescription for Financial Health is published by Greenbranch Publishing, a leader in developing important information for physicians across the country.

The Three Stages of a Physician’s Career: Navigating from Training to Beyond Retirement
Today’s medical graduates are superbly trained to practice state-of-the art clinical medicine. However, only in rare instances are they trained to self-manage their careers and medical practices. This new book from Greenbranch Publishing has been planned to fill that gap in training and knowledge.

To assist students, interns, residents, fellows, and practicing physicians manage the many challenges of their career, the authors have divided physicians’ careers into three stages: Early, Mid-Career, and Late-Career. The goal of this book is to provide a “go-to” resource on strategic career and practice management, highlighting the unique issues, concerns and challenges doctors face during these three, very different stages of their career from medical school through post-retirement.

This new book, featuring insights from physician career and practice management experts, is an invaluable treasure trove of practical, hands-on advice from an author team gathering their expertise in one place! Jam-packed with easy-to-implement suggestions, you’ll hear sage advice from a career coach for physicians, two certified financial planners, a healthcare attorney, a medical school dean for student advising, two experts who launch, merge, and sell physician practices, and a surgeon who literally “wrote the book,” on the business aspects of running a medical practice. All are recognized authorities in their field, and the authors are joined by a distinguished group of contributors including, Randy Bauman, Keith Borglum, Thomas Shapira, and Dr. Neil Gesundheit. The contributors have decades of experience writing about the career and/or practice issues of physicians, and advising physicians and physicians-in-training.

The Early-Career section provides in-depth descriptions of career theory, choosing a medical field, renewing and balancing yourself, managing career transitions, and practical guidelines to navigate the many other challenges of early careers in medicine.

The Mid-Career section offers the broadest and most detailed information available regarding practice organization and management, building assets and retirement planning, estate planning, common legal issues, and how to manage the challenges of malpractice and/or impairment.

The Late-Career section covers deciding what to do after practice, closing the doors or selling a practice, and evolving estate and practice priorities so there is joy in a well-planned retirement filled with fun, meaning, and contribution.

Medical Practice Divorce: Successfully Managing A Medical Business Breakup.
This practical guide was written by financial planners, an attorney, and a physician, to illustrate the many reasons why physicians choose to leave practices. It teaches physicians how to get out gracefully, and provides important information on how to set up a practice
the right way to avoid later conflicts and problems.

This guidebook will show you how to:

  • Exit a medical practice smoothly without worries
  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Move to the next stage of your life
  • Setting up a new practice or finding a new career opportunity

Medical Practice Divorce provides physicians with the well-rounded advice for handling business, legal, and emotional aspects of leaving a medical practice. Discover other financial, legal, and personal resources you can use to smooth your transition. Medical Practice Divorce gives you all that and more. You can order this book by clicking on the book above.
In conjunction with the book, the authors have teamed together to orgainze a practical workshop entitled “Medical Practices In Transition”. The workshop will have broad appeal to virtually all physicians regardless of their age or stage of professional development.
This workshop presents the content of Medical Practice Divorce, and has been accredited through the Access Medical Group and the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians (CME Category 1 Credit).

To receive further information on this informative workshop, contact MEDIQUS Asset Advisors at
Medical Practice Divorce is published by The American Medical Association, AMA Press.