Our 4-step approach is centered around understanding, evaluation and action.

The first step in The MEDIQUS Waysm is for us to become educated about your unique financial condition, needs, and goals. We then educate you about the challenges of today’s current economic environment, possible shortcomings of your financial condition, and alternative solutions.

MEDIQUS advisory solutions help answer critical questions:
Based upon an understanding of your unique financial condition, we offer strategic solutions and advice to address your many questions.

Wealth Management:

  • What income can I expect when retired?
  • How much will it cost to educate my children?
  • What financial condition will I leave my family if I am disabled or die?
  • Are my assets at risk if I am sued?
  • How will my assets be distributed when I die?
  • Am I taking excess risk with my investments?

Institutional Fund Management:

  • How does our investment policy reflect our needs?
  • How are we managing costs?
  • How have we managed investment risk?

Retirement Plan Services:

  • How can we improve the benefits provided to our key people?
  • How can we better control costs?
  • How can we increase the perceived benefits to our staff?

After reaching mutual agreement regarding the appropriate course of action, we provide professional assistance to coordinate and implement strategies.

Investment Advisory Service. Our asset allocation service utilizes the country’s finest “no load” mutual funds, institutional mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs), all on a “fee only” basis, with no sales charges, commissions or “mark-ups”.

Retirement Plans. We design, coordinate and implement a variety of plans in cooperation with third party administrators.

Insurance Services. We provide flexible design solutions for products issued by the most financially secure insurance companies.

Deliver Long Term Results:

The key to The MEDIQUS Waysm is the long-term monitoring, evaluation and ongoing guidance provided to you. As your situation changes, whether personally, professionally, or as a result of economic conditions, we are committed to guiding you toward your goals. Consistent communications, regular reviews and frequent financial updates all contribute to the MEDIQUS Waysm.

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