We have a consistent and dependable process designed to help you add value to your practice by letting us provide financial advisory services to your clients. We call our process The MEDIQUS Alliance.


It begins with us becoming educated about your unique needs and goals for your practice. Understanding the “whole business” is critical.


Based upon an understanding of your unique business objectives, we design a marketing and business system that provides financial services at a level you desire. Marketing, client relationships, compliance and operations all play critical roles.


After reaching mutual agreement regarding the appropriate level of involvement, we provide professional assistance to implement our alliance strategies.

Why do physicians across the country trust MEDIQUS as their financial solution provider?
  • EXPERTISE – We are specialists in helping our clients manage all aspects of their financial affairs: investments, asset protection, insurance, estate planning, trusteeship, and benefits. We coordinate all activities.
  • SECURE ACCOUNTS – We understand the importance of maintaining client confidentiality. Your relationships with clients are confidential and deserve the utmost respect.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – We consistently select vendors who are committed to delivering the highest quality service to our clients. We are confident in their ability to provide accurate and economic services for your clients.
  • INVOLVEMENT – We understand that your involvement with the financial planning process should be handled at your discretion. Whether you prefer to be involved in every step of the process or simply informed along the way, we work within your parameters of service.
Why Do You Need a Trustworthy Business Alliance?

CPAs, attorneys and CHBCs are recognized as the most trusted financial advisors of professionals, executives, and closely held business owners. This is why so many financial product firms have been soliciting CPAs and lawyers to sell their products. What we have seen offered to firms are short-term selling models with little if any regard to the unique service culture of your practice. These models fail to build long-term relationships and can present ethical dilemmas.

Alliance Process
The MEDIQUS Alliance delivers consistent and dependable results. More than a philosophy, The MEDIQUS Alliance focuses on specific areas of understanding and allows us to accomplish the following:
  • Understand your goals, needs, and priorities. By gathering objective and subjective information, we will jointly identify the areas requiring immediate attention and plan future actions.
  • Evaluate and select alliance alternatives. Once we have an understanding of your goals, we review all reasonable alternatives that will achieve your objectives.
  • Present your alliance strategies. The best-designed plan is worthless unless we communicate in a manner that allows you to make informed decisions.
  • Implement actions. Planning without action is useless. We complete the action steps required to move toward our alliance goals.
  • Review and follow-up. As objectives or goals change, we are in the position to react with speed, accuracy and adaptability to evolve alliance relationships. We will meet the needs of your firm and individual clients.

An alliance with MEDIQUS is a perfect way to complement your practice with our commitment to excellence!


Peter Moskowitz MD, Executive Director of the Center for Professional & Personal Renewal

Peter Moskowitz MD, a certified career transition coach and life coach for doctors,  has empowered hundreds of physicians in one-to-one coaching to improve their career satisfaction, make career changes, find new non-clinical careers, rediscover purpose and meaning in their lives and careers, develop work-life balance, escape from the trenches of professional burnout, and establish exciting and challenging lives in retirement. He is a nationally-recognized speaker, author, and workshop facilitator, and a sought-after keynote lecturer and workshop presenter on topics relating to physician careers, non-clinical career transitions, and physician health and wellness. Dr. Moskowitz is also Clinical Professor of Radiology, Emeritus, at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA

Peter Moskowitz, M.D.
Executive Director
Center for Professional & Personal Renewal
555 Bryant Street, Ste. 160
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Phone:   (650) 329-0297
Email:     pmoskowitz@cppr.com
Web:       www.cppr.com

To Discover More
If you are interested in learning more about the quality of MEDIQUS services and how they can supplement the services provided to your clients, contact Ron Paprocki, our CEO at paprocki@mediqus.com.