In order to assist organizations accomplish their investment goals we developed our Investment Advisory Service.
  1. The Investment Advisory Service is designed to satisfy the special needs of not-for-profit organizations. We always take action with our client’s best interest in mind.
  2. Our investment services are provided on a fee only basis. There are no commissions received by MEDIQUS as a result of how assets are invested. This helps to eliminate possible conflicts of interest.
  3. Monthly statements and quarterly investment reports are provided. This will allow you to accurately monitor the performance of assets and be assured that expenses are well under control. These statements also allow us the opportunity to suggest account rebalancing when appropriate.
  1. Our service follows a process utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory and focuses attention on asset class selection. This allows you to disregard unimportant elements and conflicting pieces of information that can interfere with long-term goals.
  2. Our service provides a disciplined strategy of managing assets that will help prevent officers or board members from making decisions based on the emotions of fear or greed.
An independent custodian will provide custody services. Reports on security holdings are generally provided by the custodian each month.
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