Our services include complete investment program construction; low-cost investment products, portfolio evaluation and risk/return performance analysis.
The Need: Issues facing the medical community
  • Sense their own lack of formal preparation regarding financial decision-making.
  • Often perceive that they are victimized by members of the financial services industry, such as brokers and insurance agents.
  • Approach their investment portfolios from the perspective of avoiding loss rather than attempting to maximize gain.
  • Express various long-term financial goals, yet the nature of these goals often varies by the stage in their career.
  • Want to receive advice from knowledgeable financial advisers who have no tie-ins to specific institutions or products.
In response, we pioneered a unique investment advisory service. Not only does our service
reflect these insights, but also provides access to many of the nation’s top money managers.
The Response: Solutions designed around your needs
  • IAS is provided on a fee-only basis, eliminating any possible conflicts of interest.
  • Monthly statements and quarterly investment reports are provided to you, allowing you to accurately monitor the performance of your assets and be assured that expenses are well under control.
  • IAS utilizes Modern Portfolio Theory and focuses attention on asset class selection. This allows you to disregard unimportant elements and conflicting pieces of information that can impede your goals.
  • IAS provides a disciplined strategy of managing your assets. We help prevent you from making decisions based on the emotions of fear or greed, which often generate results that deviate from your best interest.
We Provide a Customized Approach
At MEDIQUS, we begin by determining the appropriate asset class selection for your portfolio. In this way, we can do as much as possible to maximize your total long-term rate of return with the lowest possible risk. After deciding on the asset class selection, we will review the appropriate professional money managers and mutual funds to create the investment portfolio that reflects your goals. A written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) will be provided to you so that we can work together to monitor the expectations and results of the account. The IPS is especially important for retirement plans where you have fiduciary responsibilities relating to the plan. Finally, we provide detailed, personalized quarterly performance reports to keep you informed of the status and performance of your account.

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