The most successful physicians and executives are continually maximizing their resources to create stronger financial positions. What do they ask? There is no exhaustive list, but several areas require your special attention:
A. Work with MEDIQUS and you will have a strong financial partner dedicated to your investment success and your involvement in the process. Clients turn to MEDIQUS for unbiased advice and investment expertise, while remaining as actively involved in their portfolio management as they wish to be. Many physicians have a clear vision of where they want to go financially; others ask us to research their best options and prepare financial strategies. Still others know they can benefit from our work with top money managers. In each case, our level of involvement always depends on your needs.

A. We build our relationship around your time schedules and availability. Initially, we like to meet with our clients to discuss their goals. From that meeting, some physicians maintain regular quarterly meetings with us. Others meet much less regularly or simply maintain contact by telephone. We are available to meet with you at your convenience.

A. We will discuss your financial objectives, your lifestyle and estate planning goals. We will also examine investment attitudes such as your risk tolerance, time horizons, asset class preferences and anticipated returns. Our goal in this meeting is to begin understanding your unique situation.
A. Time, research and knowledge give you a strong foundation for making smart investment decisions. MEDIQUS seeks the highest rates of return while minimizing the effects of market fluctuation. Experience has shown us that the best way to accomplish these objectives is to allocate assets based on an individual’s specific goals. How your investments are allocated – in stocks, bonds and cash – will have the greatest impact on your long-term overall performance.
A. You should if you develop a plan for a secure investment portfolio using the principles of asset allocation and diversification. Your plan will
outline personalized solutions for meeting your retirement goal, possibly including strategies for estate planning, tax minimization and charitable
gifting techniques.
A. MEDIQUS’ focus on serving the medical profession means your financial advisor understands your needs. That understanding has led us to create products and services physicians trust. We have also eliminated commission charges by offering our Investment Advisory Service – because our goal is to grow with you, not view your relationship as a series of transactions. Finally, we are the company often chosen by a number of national, state, county and specialty medical societies to provide educational seminars and asset management counsel for their members.
A. During the day (8:30 A.M. – 4:45 P.M. Central Time), you can reach us at 312-419-3733 or toll-free at 1-800-883-8555. We also have a 24-hour voicemail for your convenience and will promptly return your calls or answer your questions.
A. Our fee-only services are available by project or based on a percentage of assets under advisement. Securities are also available through our broker-dealer, Ausdal Financial Partners, Inc., a member of the FINRA and SPIC. In this case, standard commission rates apply.
A. Financial plans and investment portfolios must be structured to take into account a reasonable rate of inflation over the long term. Therefore, the first step is to anticipate that inflation will continue. In addition, investment portfolios must dedicate a portion of assets to investment vehicles that may fluctuate in value over the short-run, but are the investment types that can appreciate in a manner that will counteract the impact of rising prices in the future.
A. The most important factor is to identify and understand the various costs associated with your investment portfolio. Too often, clients are surprised to discover substantial commissions, or transaction costs. If you work with an advisor, it is key to have a complete understanding of how the advisor is compensated.
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