How we got our start working for medical professionals.
Our founding partners consulted the American Medical Association (AMA) when they wanted to provide financial services for their members. In the early 90’s they became the executives of AMA Investment Advisors, Inc. and developed a national program of fee-based services for physicians.However, the health care reform environment of the mid-nineties forced the AMA to redirect its attention. As a result, our founders created MEDIQUS to remain dedicated to providing financial advisory services to the medical community.
MEDIQUS advisory solutions help answer critical questions:

Wealth Management:

  • What income can I expect when retired?
  • How much will it cost to educate my children?
  • What financial condition will I leave my family in if I am disabled or die?
  • How can I protect my assets if I am sued?
  • How will my assets be distributed when I die?
  • Am I taking excess risk with my investments?

Institutional Funds Management:

  • How does our investment policy reflect our needs?
  • How are we managing costs?
  • How have we managed investment risk?

Retirement Plan Services:

  • How can we improve the benefits provided to our key people?
  • How can we better control costs?
  • How can we increase the perceived benefits to our staff?
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